Halloween Pet Safety

If you are like me, Halloween is for the entire family, including your pup.  Although Halloween is great, you do have to take care with your pup to not overstimulate or scare them. 

Here are a few helpful tips to keep your pup safe:


Halloween Treats are toxic to dogs. Chocolate, as all dog owners know, is very dangerous to your pup, even sugar free candies may contain xylitol which can cause some serious problems.A good rule is to KEEP ALL CANDY OUT OF YOUR PUP’S REACH!

Halloween is for everyone so make sure you give your pup some treats. After all this can be a stressful time for them.


Even though Halloween is a fantastic time of year, it can also cause your pup a lot of stress. So many strangers coming to your door that don’t look like people, can often be scary and stressful to your pup.If your pup gets scared or overly enthusiastic, keep them separate from the front door to stop them from getting too scared on this fun night. Ensure that your pup is wearing ID tags just in case it does decide to chase the ghost J


If you are like me, you have Halloween decorations all over the place.Be sure to keep the decorations at a level that your pup can’t get to.A lot of decorations may have small moving parts or other things that you or your pup or you are not aware of (especially at someone else’s home) and could get hurt including a lit pumpkin. So be sure to keep your pup away from decorations and pumpkins.


What is Halloween without a costume?If your pup is ok with having a costume on and isn’t under stress then why not dress them up?Just be sure that your dog’s movement and breathing isn’t constricted by the costume.Be sure to check the costume for any small, dangling or easily chewed-off pieces that could be harmful to your pup.Your dog should be comfortable in their costume and be able to move freely.

These tips will help you celebrate Halloween with your pup.  


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