Our Newest Foster Pup - Chazz

I want to introduce our NEWEST FOSTER PUP, CHAZZ!!!! Chazz is a Pug X who is just adorable. He is an amazing pup. He came into foster care with the The Dog Rescuers. He lived a great, quiet life when unexpectedly, his mom passed away. This amazing 7 year old pup found himself in a loud and noisy shelter that he wasn't use to and he wasn't doing very well in.

From there Chazz joined The Dog Rescuers and came into our care. This cute, loving pup is fantastic. He is good with other dogs (although he looks oddly at Brisco when she is jumping like a jumping bean) and great with cats.

We have had him for a short time and in that time we have him back in his pug shape and he is loving his walks.

If you, or someone you know, would love this amazing pup please contact The Dog Rescuers. He is available for adoption.