Winter and your Pup

Now that winter and snow is FINALLY here, is your pup ready for it? With the beauty of snow, the fun of playing in it with your furry friend, remember that winter can be rough for your pups feet. Your dog’s paws are exposed to the elements and toxic chemicals (such as road salt). They have the risk of cracking, drying, getting frostbite and even chemical burns.

To protect your pup’s paws, there are a number of options.

Dog Boots are a great option to protect your dog’s paws. There are a variety of different kinds and you can find them at your local pet store or online. Boots help protect the paw by helping it stay dry and preventing exposure to salt and other elements. Remember to have your dog try them out. All paws, like feet are different. It is also important that the Velcro strap is not too tight. The boots should be snug (so they don’t slip off) but not too tight to restrict blood flow. Dogs tend to NOT LIKE wearing boots, so let them get use to them. Have them wear them for short periods around the house while you praise them.

Balms are another GREAT protection for your pup’s paws. These are fantastic and go directly on your pups paws creating a barrier and adding moisture to your pup’s paws. You apply a thin layer of balm just before going out for winter fun. After your walk use a warm wash cloth to remove any snow or chemicals, then apply another layer of the balm to sooth any irritation and to keep them from drying out. Be sure to use dog friendly or specified balm.

Salt and De-Icers

Be aware that salt and most De-Icers can be toxic to animals. Try and keep your dog away from roads and sidewalks that are heavily treated with salt/de-icer. Have them play in the snow banks beside the sidewalk. That will keep you and your pup safe. Please be sure to use pet friendly de-icer for your own driveway and sidewalk. That way your pup’s home is safe for them.

Winter is great and is a lot of fun. Be sure to keep your pup safe and let them enjoy it too. Bring them for a walk in the wintery wonderland and let them play in the snow. Both you and your dog will have a Barktastic time.