Family Day Long Weekend


Who else had a bark loads of fun with their family? This past long weekend was amazing. We are a foster family with The Dog Rescuers and this Saturday we got to foster a little puppy named Dixie. She is just adorable. Once I saw how small she was it was my job to make sure she doesn’t get into too much trouble. Have you ever looked after a puppy??? That is exhausting. Although I don’t like being someone’s chew toy, I am having so much fun chasing her around the house. When I get tired of her puppy playfulness, I go play hide and seek with her. She always seems to find me though. I think my favourite time with her is nap time. Her and I curl up on my bed and have a nice sleep. It’s never enough though because within a hour or so she is up and ready to play. She sure is fun.

On Valentine’s Day mom made me a special treat for being such a good girl. She is such a good cook. Mom said I got 2 because I was being extra good. I love being spoiled.

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day and a fun Family Day.