Shepherd in the City

This past weekend was an interesting one for this pup. My brother had a hockey filled weekend. Every time my family gets ready for a game or a practice or something, I get all excited and think I get to go too. I have tried to go by sitting on the hockey bags... jumping up and down... jumping in the car to go. So far, I have not been able to go to the rink to see him play.. BUT ONE DAY... ONE DAY I WILL MAKE IT!!! It’s my ultimate goal.

After all the confusion and craziness over my brother’s hockey throughout the weekend, I also got to taste test some upcoming Valentine’s Day goodies that will be available shortly. I can’t say much about them, I promised my mom to keep my mouth quiet... but I will say this... THEY ARE TASTY and look amazing. I can’t wait for them to come on out. It’s going to be so much fun.

This past weekend, I got a new Halti. I am a curious pup and like to pull my mom all over the neighbourhood, or so she says. This way I can keep from pulling her as much. I am not sure why I needed a new one... just because I chewed on the last one... doesn’t mean anything. Does it? I was trying to improve it. That’s all.

So all in all it was a busy weekend for this pup but I got to run and jump and chase things... including my human brother lol. He likes it. He calls it TAG!!! Although I just think it’s fun. Hope everyone had a great weekend too!!!!