Whole Wheat Flour - Friend or Foe?

A lot of dog foods and treats advertise “WHEAT-FREE”. Does this mean that dogs should NOT be eating WHEAT???? Here is some interesting information about whole wheat and the benefits it may have.

There is no reason why a healthy pup WITHOUT a wheat allergy or intolerance should not eat wheat. As long as it is whole wheat. Whole wheat flour is made from the whole grain. Unlike white flour, whole wheat flour is not lacking the bran and the wheat germ. The bran itself contains 80% of the minerals found in the whole grain, while the germ is a rich source of trace minerals, unsaturated fats, B Vitamins, and antioxidants.

While wheat may not be a nutritional requirement in your pup’s diet, there are benefits to it. The fibers that are in wheat may be helpful in aiding the growth of beneficial bacteria in the stomach which can help make your pup more regular. This is important especially for older dogs who are more likely to develop constipation. Wheat also packs some energy with the carbohydrates found in the grain. This makes it great to fuel activities or just crazy playdates for your dog.

Bottom Line – Whole Wheat Flour contains some great benefits for your pup.