Shepherd in the City

The begining of 2016 is here and so is my blog. Welcome the furry and the furless to the ADVENTURES OF BRISCO!!!! I will be blogging about my adventures in the world so stay tuned.

A bite about me. I am a 3 years old, German Shepherd, in dog years I am 28. As you can see I am a princess, as told by my family. I have been assigned the most important job of all with Amber's Barkery, I am quality control. No treat leaves our kitchen without my paw of approval.

Welcoming 2016 was fun. I really love playing in the snow. I get to run and jump around. My mom sometimes thinks I am a bunny the way I love hopping around. Maybe I am like Tigger with my bouncing. Don't you like to bounce in the snow??

We go for walks in the woods where I can bounce, play, and sniff all the many scents on the ground. The city is my kingdom... and there it is ... the start of my blog SHEPHERD IN THE CITY!